Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Liberal's View of a "Tight Budget"

Today's Washington Post features a story of a couple on a "tight budget," who, nonetheless are able to go green -- putting solar panels in their home and living up to the liberal dream of a green, though, inexpensive life.

The article, by Christine McDonald, is entitled "D.C. Couple on a Tight Budget tries for net-zero power on fixer-upper home."

So, what do you think this couple paid for this "fixer-upper?"  How about $ 505,000!  This is the Washington Post's idea of a couple on a tight budget.

True to the modern ethos, this couple is not married but they are living the liberal dream life.  They both began their careers working, on "climate change" for the United Nations in DC. These were, no doubt, very well paid first jobs. Now the soon-to-be husband is director of government relations at NEMA  -- a lobbyist, in other words.  What does she do?  She just finished her master's degree at Georgetown and "hopes to soon work on climate change mitigation in the developing world."

What do you suppose the combined income of these two "tight-budgeters" is?  To get a mortgage on a $ 505,000 home, what do you suppose their combined income must be?  The article is remarkably silent on the wealth and income of these tight-budgeters, but the overall picture of their situation is pretty obvious.  Even in Washington DC, $ 505,000 is a very expensive first home.

These two are starting married life as one-percenters on a "tight budget."  The article doesn't probe further, but given their educational history, these two likely began life as one-percenters as well.

This is what liberals think is a tight budget family.  Gone is any recognition that anyone remotely in the middle class is likely commanding a family income about one-fourth as large as the family income of this couple.

It's no wonder they can afford the unaffordable -- adopting expensive, climate friendly, additions to a $ 505,000 fixer upper, while promoting a climate change agenda that mostly focuses on raising the utility costs of the average American.

This is the ultimate reverse-Robin Hood story.  Children of the affluent, working at taxpayer expense to impose regulations and rules on average Americans, who cannot come close to affording $ 505,000 for a first home.  Take from the middle class and give to the affluent.  That is the liberal dream come true.

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