Thursday, June 11, 2015

LA Punishes the Poor

The Los Angeles city government has voted to increase the minimum wage, in stages, to $ 15 per hour.  That's irrelevant if your skill set is worth $ 25 or $ 30 per hour.  You can retain your job or get a new one.  But, for the vast majority of folks at the bottom of the economic pile, they are now likely to join the ranks of the permanently unemployed, unless they move out of Los Angeles. 

This is the big government advocates version of ethnic cleansing.  The 'less desirables' are now, by law, forbidden to sell their labor in exchange for skill development. They must move out of Los Angeles or go on welfare in order to survive the brave new world of LA.  Instead of trying to find a way to offer folks at the bottom a leg up, the LA city government has decided to show them the door.

This is the left's answer to poverty -- force the poor to move by making it illegal for the poor to develop the skills necessary to survive in LA.

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