Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Wrong in Baltimore

What's wrong in Baltimore is the same thing that is wrong with almost every large American city -- an overbearing government.  The poor need education and economic opportunity and less regulation and less government.

Most young people in Baltimore could begin to get a leg up economically if minimum wage laws were abolished and if racial discrimination laws (and drug laws) were eliminated.  Businesses could then provide the training that schools can't do without fear of frivolous lawsuits. 

Working for less than the minimum wage in order to learn a skill was once the leg up in America, but no longer.  Since the advent of minimum wage legislation, poor people, unable to get training in the school system, no longer have a pathway to skills through employment.  They effectively have no hope and no upside.  This doesn't bother the affluent left who push minimum wages ever higher, since the affluent left is financially able to attend elite schools that provide them with a ticket to prosperity.

The public schools in Baltimore and throughout most of America are run mainly for the benefit of the employees.  Short shrift is given to the needs of the young people who find themselves in these, mostly dysfunctional institutions.  Free market solutions are available for fixing the problem of low income education, but monopolies (labor unions and politicians) oppose anything that could help the poor achieve the educational attainment necessary for a reasonable chance to pull themselves out of the economic lowlands.

So as long as "government knows all,"  the poor have no real future in Baltimore or any other major American city.  Sooner or later explosions such as happened in Baltimore this week are a predictable outcome.

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