Friday, February 27, 2015

Podemus on the Rise

You might well ask: "Who is Podemus?"

Podemus is a far left political party in Spain whose hero is the late Hugo Chavez, the architect of political disaster in modern Venezuela.  Podemus is on its way to power, following a similar rise of the Greek far left party that now controls the Greek parliament.  The so-called center-left and center-right parties of Europe are steadily losing ground as communist and fascist parties capture the attention of the electorate.  Why?

The centrist parties all believe in big government and somehow think that big government is consistent with economic growth, "fair" economic outcomes, and personal liberty.  In fact, none of these outcomes are consistent with big government and it is only a matter of time before big government obliterates all three.  Once centrist parties are discredited, witness the modern day Eurozone, the extremists take over -- see modern day Venezuela.

Only free markets can provide the troika of economic growth, "fair" outcomes, and personal liberty.  Those who dispute this rely mainly on the argument that they personally know better what other people should be doing and that freedom of choice is an insignificant right.  In fact, freedom of choice is by far the most important right that a free people can have.  Eliminating freedom of choice, Obamacare is the most recent American example, leads to corruption, economic waste and unfair outcomes.

Watch Europe as the extremists begin to take over in country after country setting the stage for a potential rerun of twentieth century antagonisms.  The welfare state is failing, as Margaret Thatcher predicted, as the welfare state "eventually runs out of other people's money."


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