Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How About Some Volunteers?

We seem back to focusing on inequality, forgetting that, absent the political class, the countries with the least inequality are those, like North Korea, where everyone borders on starvation. Is that what those who decry inequality would prefer?

Lets face it: world inequality began to grow when the industrial revolution began.  If everyone is near starvation and one person does better, inequality grows.  Why is this considered a problem?

Isn't the world better off if all are prosperous, but a few are absurdly rich?  If having a few rich folks is the price of middle class prosperity, why not pay that price?  To impoverish everyone seems a rather foolish policy, regardless of what grand idea is behind it.

But, there are those like Warren Buffet, George Soros, Michael Moore and George Clooney who argue that taxes should go up.  So, what's holding them back?  Why don't Buffet, Soros, Moore and Clooney pay higher taxes voluntarily?   Why not?  If they think it's a good idea, why let others spoil their fun?

Buffet, Soros, Moore and Clooney live far, far better than Queen Victoria or John D. Rockefeller ever dreamed of living, so why don't they poney up?  There is no law against paying more in taxes than you owe under current law.

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