Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Banks Are Under Assault"

Jamie Dimon, Chairman of JP Morgan, lashed out at regulators and legislators yesterday as JP Morgan reported earnings.  Dimon launched into a tirade against regulators who have repeatedly fined JPM for alleged improprieties.

It is hard to shed a tear for Dimon who vigorously supported the very political forces that have ground the vitality of JPM to a halt.  Dimon, who thought JPM was immune to criticism, was quick to criticize other banks in the 2008 debacle.  What Dimon has discovered is that big government eventually gets around to everyone, including him.

The Harvard University faculty is enduring a similar fate.  Obamacare, largely cooked up at Harvard, is now the source of major discontent at Harvard, as the provisions of Obamacare have reached the Harvard faculty health insurance plans.  Surprise, surprise, the Harvard faculty are now complaining about the very plans that they supported without equivocation four years ago.

The far left eventually eat their own.  It's good to see Jamie Dimon and the Harvard faculty in the cross hairs of policies that they were in the forefront of creating.

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