Saturday, January 31, 2015

Accepting A Mediocre Economy

The Obama Administration is touting the US economic recovery as a job well done.  Data made public yesterday shows that 2014 produced 2.4 percent GDP growth.  Such low levels of growth were considered cause for alarm in the years before Barrack Obama became President.  Now, such mediocrity is extolled as acceptable, even worthy of praise.  How far expectations have fallen!

As the Wall Street Journal points out in an editorial today, it is impossible to find an economic recovery this mediocre at any time in American history.  This is a new record for economic sluggishness.

Don't expect this to change as long as the "war on the economy" continues, waged by the Obama Administration and it's army of bureaucrats.  While this won't hamper the "1 percenters" like Obama, Soros, Pelosi, Kerry and Buffett, it will damage the hopes and dreams of the middle class and the poor, who have no chance of prospering with the damaging economic policies of the Obama Administration.

But, if you listen to the President, he thinks these policies have been a success -- I wonder, who for?

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