Monday, December 22, 2014

What About Education?

Almost all of the news about US colleges and universities these days is about non-educational activities -- and the report card is not good.

For the past month, we have been treated to a news barrage on the internal criminal justice systems that have become implanted in the elite colleges in the past decade intended to deal with various bad, even criminal, behavior.  It should come as no surprise that these internal criminal justice systems are doing little more than providing selective enforcement and political posturing.  Alleged felonies are treated with unbelievable leniency, while politically incorrect speech is treated with maximum severity.   Meanwhile the police and court system are effectively excluded from the process, guaranteeing that bad behavior, including felonious behavior, will continue, perhaps even increase.

It is not uncommon to see $ 100 million athletic budgets administered by former coaches and athletic administrators with almost no business background at all.  These administrators, mostly former athletes, assume that winning is the only available business model, creating an atmosphere and an ethos that runs counter to the goals and aspirations of the education side of the college or university.  Such a plan also produces massive financial losses.  Football and basketball coaches, with contracts that some hedge fund owners would envy, are now among the highest paid workers in America.  For left wing faculty decrying income inequality, they need look no further than their own place of employment.

Meanwhile, education takes a back seat.  Increasingly the school week has been shortened to four days, leaving three full days every single week for students to party and for faculty to do whatever it is they do when not teaching.  Employers note the lack of writing skills and limited mathematics backgrounds of today's college graduates.  How does that change, when the college administrators are devoted to so many other pursuits, completely unrelated to their fundamental mission?

There are no real goals for the modern American universities.  So, these places invent their own.  Education, inevitably, takes a back seat to other goals -- mostly politics and entertainment.  Perfectly predictable.

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