Sunday, November 2, 2014

What Should BeThe Republican Agenda?

It seems increasingly likely that the Republicans will control both the House and the Senate after the voting is over on November 4th (though likely runoffs could take place in Georgia and Louisiana).  If the Republicans win, what should they do?

There are basically two directions they can pursue: 1) The gimmickry approach; 2) The free market approach. 

The gimmickry approach is to propose a variety of tax and spend "gimmicks" designed to boost economic growth.  This would simply replace Democratic gimickry with Republican gimickry.  The Democrats have been using the taxpayer to reward their friends; now it's our time, say Republicans.  If the gimmickry approach is taken, then you can forget about any real sustainable economic growth.  It won't happen.

The free market approach will be mostly about undoing the most damaging new regulations, new taxes, new government bureaucracies that have been put in place the last five decades.  Repeal of Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley would be a good beginning.  Returning the Justice Department to the enforcement of law as opposed to the policies of extortion that dominate current Justice Department policy.

Passing a simple law that says that every citizen has the right to buy or not to buy whatever health insurance plan they want and that no law can restrict the right of insurance companies to sell insurance plans that people want.  There are other ways to deal with "pre-existing" conditions and lapses in coverage than destroying the rights of ordinary Americans to pursue health care services in whatever way they wish.

Eliminate the tort-crazy litigation that dominates American commerce.  The old "buyer beware" doesn't solve all problems, but it is time to rethink the current litigation overkill of modern day America.  Not just in health care, but in all areas of commerce.  The abuse of "class action" suits has simply served to further damage the economic standing of the average American, who owns the stocks that end up footing the bills for this madness.

A simple return to free markets should be the agenda of the Republicans.  Only such an agenda can further the economic interests of the average American.

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