Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Liquor and Drugs on Campus

Without doubt, heavy use of alcohol and drugs have contributed to the overall culture of the modern elite University.  Most students (and often parents as well) think alcohol and drug laws are meant for someone else.  This is the problem with such laws.  Everyone thinks that they and their children should be exempt from enforcement.

It is well known that drinking and drug use are widespread in the modern college culture (as well as widespread in many high school settings).  The world would probably be better off without these laws, since they tend to be selectively enforced.  This contributes to the "elite" atmosphere.  Laws are meant for others, but not for us.

If law breaking is the norm, then why stop at alcohol and drugs.  Why not break other laws as well.  We the elite, students often think, should pick and choose which laws should apply to us.  After all, we are the elite.

Perhaps law enforcement should give some thought to enforcing laws regardless of where that might lead -- including to fraternity houses at elite colleges.  It is not as if there is anyone who thinks drinking and drug use are hidden activities on today's campuses.  This stuff is very much out in the open.

Is there any student, who is unaware of the existence of "fake ids?"  What percentage of students have or have had fake id's.  It is pretty easy to solve this problem.  Criminally prosecute those who have fake ids (forget about those who make them, because other makers will replace them).

More and more schools compete for admissions by extolling the "club-med" aspects of university life.  Perhaps an increasing focus on education and simple enforcement of the law on college campuses would go a long way toward improving the "culture" of the modern elite universities.

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