Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bending the Cost Curve

As the New York Times notes in today's edition, health insurance costs under Obamacare-approved plans are set to rise more than 20 percent in the new year.  At that rate, health costs will, in time, consume the entire household budget of the average American family.  So much for "bending the cost curve."

Meanwhile, More Americans are without health insurance today than on the day before Obama signed the "Affordable Health Care Act' into law.  And that trend will continue.

So, what do we have:  higher costs, more uninsured, fewer doctors, fewer hospitals, and decreasing quality of health care.  The Veterans Administration has already shown where the US system is headed.  The main function of many health care officials in the VA is to fudge the numbers so that the plight of veterans never makes the light of day.  Expect more of that from Obamacare.

From the finest health care system in the world to one of the worst.  It won't take long.  Our health care system is simply following the same route that has already been pursued by our public education system.

To the wealthy elites, like Jonathan Gruber, this is all okay. They don't get their education or health care in the same way or place that they are forcing upon the average American family.  They live comfortably in their private schools and cloistered universities, while deliberately misleading the American public, who they openly refer to as "stupid."

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Mr. Hooey said...

How are we allowing this to happen. Today the President said Gruber was a minor advisor that wasn't part of the Whitehouse staff. He denied any part in the stupid voter and manipultation of of oters.