Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Poor Take Another Punch in New York City

Mayor de Blasio of New York City has issued an executive order raising the minimum wage in the city from $ 11.90 to $ 13.13.  This will not effect many New Yorkers. The upper middle incomes and the affluent will hardly be affected at all, which is probably why they support the increase.

I am reminded of Marie Antoinette's comment: "Let Them Eat Cake."

The people that will be affected are mainly people at the bottom of the economic pile.  For many of them, the minimum wage law is a "prohibition law."  It prohibts the low-skilled person from being employed.  Minimum wage laws make it a crime to have a job unless your skill set reaches a particular minimum.  New York City's deBlasio just raised that minimum.

To be fair to all, deBlasio ought to raise the minimum wage to $ 200 per hour so that well-off New Yorkers can be prohibited by law from working as well.  Why are just the folks at the bottom of the pile deemed criminals for taking a job.  Why not apply the same reasoning to everyone?

Why are laws criminalizing employment thought by the left to be good ideas?  I think the only way to get the left to appreciate the harmful impact of such laws is to raise the minimum wage to $ 200, so that such laws will affect the affluent left, like deBlasio, as well.

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