Saturday, June 21, 2014

Abolish the IMF

The IMF has now weighed in on the minimum wage issue.  They are now "instructing" the US to raise its minimum wage.  If anyone was short of compelling evidence that the IMF is a waste of US taxpayer money, this most recent pronouncement seals the deal.

This is a typical elitist policy call reflecting disdain for the truly poor of the world, who need the right to work for a minimal amount cash income in order to learn a skill.  The world's poor aren't rich college kids, like the staffers and bosses at the IMF.  The world consists mostly of poor people who would love to have the chance to improve their situation.

What is the IMF saying?  Make it against the law to work for skill development pay.  Instead, unless you have a certain skill level to begin with, you should just go on welfare or give up.  Thanks IMF.

Defund the IMF.  Is there anyone out there that thinks that this organization has served a useful purpose, while draining the American taxpayer.

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