Friday, May 16, 2014

Haven't They Done Enough?

Today's WSJournal has an article penned by Brian Blackstone, Jon Hilsenrath, and Marcus Walker with the following comment:

"Five years after the financial crisis ended, soft growth in Europe, a stop-and-start U.S. recovery and waning momentum in China have policy makers groping for what to do next."

As if they haven't already done enough damage.  Perhaps, the policy makers should simply get out of the way and let the economy do what it does naturally.  Then and only then will economic growth return to the western world.

From this morning's NYTimes:

"The growth is so feeble that it could be years before Europe truly recovers.  The overall euro zone economy is still more than 2 percent smaller than it was before the crisis hit.  And the pace of recovery, economists say, is even slower than it was after the Great Depression of the 1930s."

Thank you Mario Draghi.

So much for the role of government in paving the way to economic prosperity.  Why not try free markets for a change?

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