Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Size Fits All Economics

There are several reasons why "Obamacare" will make the vast majority of Americans significantly worse off economically.

Most of the problems are related to the perverse incentives that Obamacare creates that will dramatically reduce the quality of health care that will be available to the average American.  Obama and Warner and Buffett will be fine because they will be rich, but for the rest of us, health care will become a nightmare.

But even beyond the incentives, Obamacare yields no ground to individual differences -- even gender differences and age differences.  80 year old men will pay the same premium to provide insurance for pregnancy as 18 year old women!  If 80 year old men need a particular life saving drug not covered by the plan, but something they desperately need, they are flat out of luck.  But, in their dying breath, one supposes, they can take comfort that if they happen to get pregnant, they are covered.

One size fits all.

This would be great if everyone had identical health needs, but the truth is that no two people are alike -- especially when it comes to health care.

It should be legal to buy the health care you want and need.  But, in the brave new Obama world, that is no longer possible.  Unless, of your, your name is Warren Buffett or Mark Warner or Barrack Obama.

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