Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waging War on Poor People

Tonight, Obama will give his State of the Union address in another installment in his ongoing "war on poor people."  I guess big government would lose its purpose if there weren't sufficient poor people for the President to exhibit on a big stage.  Thus, the President's continuing interest in creating more poor people.  That's the one thing that he is good at.

We know that the ticket to prosperity, for anyone, is a combination of skills and work habits.  The President's agenda is mainly aimed at undermining the development of skills and undermining good work habits.  The result, predictably, will be more poor people.

To make certain that the least skilled among us can no longer work on federal projects, the President, without benefit of Congress, will unilaterally mandate a $ 10.10 minimum wage for low-skilled employees working on federal projects.  This is a throwback to the old Davis-Bacon legislation in the 1930s engineered by southern racists designed to keep blacks from working on public projects.  Racism was the real reason that racist southern senators backed minimum wage legislation in the 1930s in the first place.  It is a great irony to see the first black President join hands with southern racists of old to create rules that mainly deprive poor people of opportunity.

On the Davis-Bacon Act and its sordid history, read:

Demonizing success creates the political fervor necessary to strangle free enterprise.  Poor people have never benefitted in an economy that strangled free enterprise.  They won't have much hope in the Obama economy, either.

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