Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama Message: "Free Markets are Irrelevant"

Obama's message in the State of the Union was pretty much the same message that he has put forth for six years:  the free market is irrelevant.  Once again, government was seen as the answer to all problems.  The economy is not growing, according to Obama, because the government is not active enough.

That is not only a tired message, it is completely fallacious.  Obama had a compliant House and Senate for the first two years of his first term.  He seized the opportunity to waste trillions of tax payer dollars, reward friends, toss money onto the Solyndra-style bonfire.  The wasted trillions and the ramped up regulations guaranteed the economy that we have today -- stagnant with pitiful employment numbers.  The only thing going up dramatically is the number of folks on food stamps and the number of people leaving the work force.

Obama and the economists that surround him do not believe in free markets and capitalism.  Their views more closely resemble that late Hugo Chavez than the views of Adam Smith.  How's Venezuela doing?

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