Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Sequester is Better

The budget deal forged by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray is a big mistake.  Doing nothing would leave the sequester in place.  The sequester is the right way to go -- Pentagon or no Pentagon.  There is no reason that the bloated military should be exempt from budget cuts.  Ryan is desperately trying to appease the House Republicans that are military spending hawks.  But this is a mistake.

The Ryan-Murray budget deal increases spending, increases taxes and provides for ephemeral spending cuts in the (unknown) future.  This is a typical outcome from a frightened and cowed Republican Party leadership.  No wonder Harry Reid praised this deal. 

There was no  reason to go this route and further exacerbate the differences within the Republican Party.

This deal will pass both Houses of Congress, but it shouldn't.  Maybe the Republicans should take a fresh look at their leadership in the House.

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