Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Activist President

Looking toward 2014, President Obama spoke of the things that government must do in 2014 -- just as he boarded a plane with his family for a couple of weeks in Hawaii.

If only he would just stay in Hawaii for the entirety of 2014!

The government, under Obama, has now euthanized the financial sector and the health care sector -- nearly thirty percent of the US economy.  But, I guess, in his view, there is more yet to be euthanized.

Obama's war on coal is certainly succeeding, but free market oil and gas discoveries are overcoming destructive government energy policies. Obama has tried, without success, to destroy the oil and gas sector.  Thank goodness he has failed -- so far.

Even the NY Times features daily hardship stories about middle class Americans who find themselves the victims of Obama government overreach.  The most recent stories are about Obamacare, but others have featured other middle class victims of this President and his policies.

The biggest losers under the Obama gameplan are, of course, the poor and the lowest skilled part of the American population.  Obama seems to want to condemn these folks to servitude with little or no hope of escape.  Enact higher minimum wages so that these folks cannot acquire the skill set to participate in the market economy.  Expand welfare programs, so that the alternatives to acquiring a skill are more attractive.  Turn everyone's attention to "the rich," so that there is a convenient villain.  Focus on "inequality," while supporting policies that virtually guarantee that folks at the bottom of the economic pile have no shot of escape.

Even on the education front, Obama chooses the teacher's union over students.  Obama has consistently worked to damage the education prospects of the poor.  Eliminating charter school funding in the District of Columbia was a direct assault by the President on the hopes and dreams of poor black Americans stuck at the bottom of the economic pile in prosperous Washington DC.

Folks like Obama think that the reason that we have poor people is that we have rich people.  If only, in Obama's view, we could rid ourselves of rich people (except for his friends like Warren Buffet and movie stars), then the poor would no longer be poor.

The old Soviet Union followed this gameplan.  Unless you were a significant player in the communist party, Soviet citizens were condemned to a modern form of slavery.  But, at least among the slaves, there was little inequality.  The slavemasters lived high while the slaves struggled in an economic situation that America's poor would find frightening.  Bureaucrats (slavemasters) always win in this gameplan.  They known best, they say.  Sound familiar.

So, if you want our health care plan you can get it.  If you want a health care plan you would like, forget it.  We know best, say the Obama folks as the free market seems more and more a distant memory.

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