Friday, December 20, 2013

Mark Warner -- the $ 95 Man

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia is a master at saying one thing and doing another.  Describing himself as a moderate, Warner has supported the most extreme partisan left-wing programs that have been advanced by the Obama Administration -- chief among them: Obamacare.

Now Warner is trying to pretend that: a) he did not understand what he voted for, campaigned for, and championed; b) he wants to spare the nearly 6 million folks that lost their health insurance this year, thanks to Warner, the $ 95 penalty that they face for being unable to purchase replacement insurance.

This is a consistent Warner theme -- pass legislation that destroys the hopes and dreams (and health care) of the average American -- and then come up with some lame and paltry palliative.

$ 95.

I guess that is a substitute for health insurance coverage in the opinion of Senator Warner.

Obama, today, endorsed the Warner $ 95 plan and, illegally, eliminated the $ 95 penalty next year for those who, because of Warner and Obama, have lost their insurance and have no replacement insurance.

Too bad if you have a health problem.  You're still out of luck thanks to Senator Warner.  But, at least you don't pay the government the $ 95.  Thanks, Senator -- for nothing,

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