Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thomas Friedman -- Extremist in Denial

Thomas Friedman is an extremist.  No question about it.  His opinion piece in today's NY Times says it all.

He describes the decline in America's reputation in Asia (based upon three conversations carefully handpicked, by the way -- typical of the research methods of extremists).  According to Friedman, the threatened shutdown a few weeks ago is the seminal event.   "That a minority of a minority" could threaten the shutdown of the US government............

This is what Friedman sees as America's real problem.

What doesn't bother Friedman is the impending bankruptcies of American cities, states and ultimately the Federal government.  (Detroit and Stockton are just the opening bells).  Friedman is not troubled by the Administration's repeated untruths that lay behind putting nearly twenty percent of the US economy in the direct hands of an unelected, incompetent and corrupt bureaucracy -- Obamacare.

That millions of Americans will not, in the not so distant future,  receive promised social security, medicare, medicaid, public pensions and health care is not a problem for Friedman.  That future generations will be stuck with trillions of debt for goods and services they will not receive does not cause a moment's pause for Friedman.  That Friedman and his generation are systematically looting their grandchildren does not bother him.  Who cares as long as the debt limit is extended and we can continue to spend our grandchildren's money.  That is the view of Thomas Friedman.

Friedman is one more extremist among the rich and powerful who holds the American public in complete disdain.  He sees people who think the government should balance it's budget as extremists.  Friedman is the extremist.  Friedman, along with the NY Times editorial staff, are helping to walk the US over the fiscal cliff.  Their arrogance is breathtaking.

"If you like your health insurance you can keep it....period."  Statements like this, made repeatedly, to justify the imposition of the most onerous and terrifying piece of public policy in US history doesn't bother Thomas Friedman. Friedman's health care is unaffected.  He and Buffett and Obama and Mark Warner need not worry.  It is the rest of the American citizenry who should be terrified.

Buffett, Obama, Warner and Friedman are the extremists and like all extreme leftists, they are personally unaffected by the policies that they inflict on others.  And, like all extremists, they don't care what the average American thinks.  Their contempt for the average American knows no bounds.

Today, the White House released a statement that read "telling the truth would have confused the message."  That pretty much tells it all for extremists like Friedman.  That statement doesn't bother him, but folks calling for the truth are the enemy in Friedman's eyes.

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