Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Obvious Arithmetic of Obamacare

All of a sudden 30 million Americans, heretofore uncovered by health insurance, will be given health insurance plans that they can afford.  How can they afford them?  With subsidies that cover most of the cost.

Hooray says the far left!

Who pays?

Current medicare recipients for one.   Medicare lost $ 750 million in reimbursement dollars in order to finance Obamacare.

But, of course, that's not all.

If 30 million Americans are basically going to receive free or almost free health care, someone has to pick this up.

In addition to this, there is now blanket coverage for all kinds of things that many people did not think were worth covering.  But Obama thinks they are worth covering and his view is the only one that matters.

Who pays?

Someone has to make up for the billions and billions in subsidies and expanded coverage that people never knew that they needed until Obama came along.

The payers will be taken from three groups: 1) the taxpayer, of course; 2) all folks that are healthy and have current insurance will see their health care costs skyrocket with higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher copays; 3) the folks that want to continue with their own doctor ... no such will take the doctor that Obama thinks is right for you.....period!

If young folks don't sign up, the expected premium for high deductible plans will quickly shoot to over $ 2,000 per month.  Even with this exhorbitant price, you still will not be able to choose your own doctor and may not even be able to find a doctor that will treat folks with Obamacare insurance.  Medicare and medicaid recipients have already learned insurance is not much help if no doctor will treat you.

The website is the least of their problems.

Wait until people see the true costs of Obamacare and the collapse of the American health care system.  It's coming.

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