Saturday, November 16, 2013

Read Liz Alderman in Today's NY Times: "Young and Educated in Europe, But Desperate for Jobs"

Liz Alderman has written an excellent account of what big government in Europe has done to the youth of Europe.  While aggregate unemployment is 12.2 percent across the European plain, youth unemployment varies from 25 to 56 percent, depending upon which sluggish European country you happen to find yourself in.  There is no future for these young folks.  The politicians have seen to that.

All of these countries make it almost impossible to fire employees and load businesses up with employee mandates that make employees far, far more expensive than their reported wage rates.  So, who hires?  No one.

Read the stories of young folks looking for work.  Note the disconnect between life up to and including higher education and then the depressing aftermath.

This is the US's future, as we have, in recent years, adopted our own version of European labor laws and the Obama folks are pressing to complete the picture.  Not until we have Europe will the Obama folks be happy.  So, take a look.  Read it and weep.

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