Friday, November 8, 2013

$ 10 Minimum Wage -- Bashing Poor People

The President is now planning to criminalize jobs that pay under $ 10 an hour.  Somehow, he thinks this helps poor people.  If so, why not make it even higher?  Why stop at $ 10?  You could just criminalize all jobs.  That would at least provide some equity between high paying jobs and low paying jobs.  Just outlaw them all.  A simple way to do that is to raise the minimum wage to $ 1,000 per hour.  Then practically everyone in the economy could experience the benefits of higher minimum wages.

The President never seems to run out of initiatives to diminish the life hopes of the average American.  Students loaded with massive debt (encouraged to take on that debt by the President's government loan program) enter a job market with poor prospects.  They are asked to pay triple the fair market rate for health insurance in order to subsidize the wealthiest demographic in the US -- the elderly.  His cronies in Congress passed the Dodd-Frank bill which effectively outlaws loans to middle (and below) class Americans.  Now his latest salvo, an increase in the minimum wage, is designed to cut off any opportunity to learn a skill by working temporarily at a pay scale that encourages employers to give a rookie a chance.

It is clear that President doesn't work very hard and maybe his idea is that no else should either.  What better way to accomplish this goal than to eliminate job creation and criminalize the act of making a job offer.

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