Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Tea Party Has It Right

Agreeing to end the shutdown and extend the debt limit is a big mistake.  Taking Obamacare off the table is a big mistake.

In the short run, ending this current conflict will make the media and the Democrats (and Warren Buffett and other rich folks) happy.  But the net effect of ending the standoff is to punt 20 percent of the US economy (health care) into the hands of a corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy and virtually guarantee the bankruptcy of the US within a dozen years.

This could easily have been the last opportunity to save the country's fiscal situation and stop Obamacare.  It failed. That was always the most likely outcome.  That doesn't mean it was wrong to fight the fight. 

There is no other way to stop the coming fiscal collapse of the US other than trying to throw a monkey wrench into the locomotive that is driving us over the cliff.  Simply being "responsible" is the way of ultimate catastrophe.

The American culture has changed in the past two generations.  It is now a culture of dependency, inspired and encouraged by politicians, the media and academia.  The current culture is perfectly happy to spend the savings of generations that have not yet been born and to save nothing for their own retirement and health care needs.  This is the most selfish generation in the history of the country.

Simply getting along and letting this continue is the way of disaster.  That, unfortunately, is where we are headed.

Those who have tried to derail Obamacare and derail the ever-higher spiraling US debt load are not wrong.  They are right.

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liberty&justice said...

Sad but true! However i still have hope!