Thursday, October 31, 2013

So-Called Moderates Created Obamacare

Mary Landrieu, Mark Warner, Susan Collins, Mark Pryor, Joe Manchin and other so-called moderates provided the votes necessary to force the American public into the Obamacare swamp.  Somehow, these folks call themselves moderates as they transfer almost twenty percent of the American economy into the hands of incompetent, corrupt, unelected bureaucrats.  These are moderates?

Many Americans voted for these folks because the media spends all of its time on gay rights, abortion, gun control and other emotional wedge issues and zero on the issues of fiscal insolvency and the coming collapse of the health care system.  As long as Warner supports gay rights and abortion, he doesn't to have to answer for his overwhelming support of Obamacare and turning a blind eye to NSA overreach, IRS corruption and other failures of the Obama Administration.

That's how we got where we are....the moderates did it to us.  They don't seem moderate to me.

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