Monday, October 14, 2013

Republicans Fold Once More

History is repeating itself.  Republicans are surrendering on sequestration and gaining no ground on entitlements.  Those who worry about looming bankruptcy of the United States have no where to go.  Both Democrats and Republicans are joining hands to drive the country over the cliff.

Ironically, after the Gingrich shutdown during the Clinton years, Republicans gained seats in the House the following year.  The public actually backed them, even though polls at the time said what pollsters wanted the polls to say. 

If Republicans had stood their ground in the current Shutdown crisis, their chances for the White House in 2016 and for control of the Senate would have been greatly improved.  But, having surrendered one more time when there was no need to do so, will simply lead to further gains for Democrats.  It's difficult to see why anyone should vote for anyone who supports the Shutdown compromise between the Senate and the White House.

The tea party Republicans should stand their ground and try to get the House to reject the Senate compromise.  

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