Friday, October 11, 2013

Obamacare Debut is Just The Beginning

As expected, the Obamacare rollout is a complete disaster.  No surprise here.  It involves significantly higher premiums, much higher deductibles and many more restrictions on where your health care dollars can go.

As time goes by, American health care will degenerate to third world status.  None of this should come as any surprise for folks that are used to the public schools and the post office.   Government is not the answer if you want something of quality that is affordable.  Only the free market can deliver that.

What the government does is provide a shoddy product at an extremely high price.  Obamacare is certainly in that tradition.  The real losers will be the very people that are supposed to be the winners -- the poor, the middle class, minorities....The rich need have no fear.  That's why they broadly support big government.  It doesn't hurt them.

Because Obamacare touches virtually every American, some good may come of this.  Americans may learn what Russians and Chinese already know -- government cannot efficiently provide services.  Perhaps, then, the average American will wake up to the unfolding disaster of the growing government control of every facet of American life.

The incentives in the private sector are missing in government.  Instead bureaucrats with little or no incentive to provide a quality product make all of the decisions.  The result is corruption and inefficiency.  We need look no further than to the modern day IRS to see what happens when government is in charge.  They pick their friends and go after their enemies.

Absent any direction from Congress, the Justice Department, the SEC, the EPA, the Education Department make their own laws.

More and more, America is a lawless land with a growing bureacracy in charge.  Obamacare is a poster child for this trend.  There are no rules for the ruler, only for the ruled.

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