Thursday, October 31, 2013

Next Stop -- Insuring Grocery Bills

It's time to tackle Affordable Grocery Bills.  Yes, let's mandate that all Americans should be required to buy an insurance policy that covers grocery purchases.

To get started, let's decide what people ought to eat.  No more sugar.  No more alcohol.  From now on, everyone should eat brussel sprouts (and whatever some unelected bureaucrat thinks we should eat).

After all, is anything more important than "the right to eat."  Nothing I can think of.  Meanwhile we need to mandate the prices that grocery stores can charge for various food products.  We should get rid of the idea of "fee for product" and move toward "fee for nourishment."  This way we can accomplish the real goal.

Of course, as soon as we announce this ambitious plan, most grocery stores will decide to close their doors to anyone using Affordable Grocery Bill insurance and switch to pay as you go.  The rich will be the only future customers for what we now think of as the corner grocery store.

As for the bulk of humanity, they get insurance, which, by the way, is only valid at a store that is a two day drive from your home.  But, so what.  At least you are insured.

In the future, once we have enacted the Affordable Grocery Bill Act, everyone will have insurance, although it is unlikely many will get much in the way of groceries. If putting up our website costs nearly half a billion dollars, then you can imagine what other administrative costs will run.  Not much left for groceries.

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