Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cantor Off Track

Eric Cantor has mostly good ideas, but his latest effort at appearing 'kindler and gentler' is a good example of modern Republican policy initiatives at their worst.

Fearing the appearance of always saying no, Republicans like Cantor look for ways to push 'feel good' concepts to compete with Democrat 'feel good' concepts.  Cantor's bill to provide for time off instead of cash for overtime pay is a good example.  What Cantor should be doing is trying to repeal the overtime laws, not make them even worse.

Why is the government defining overtime?  Why isn't that something that should be worked out between employer and employee?  Why presume that one size fits all?  Arranging overtime should be strictly a discussion between employer and employee.  Government bureaucrats should take a hike.

By introducing legislation like this, Cantor joins a long list of Republicans that seem willing to outdo their Democratic brethren in pushing the government into more nooks and crannies of areas that should be left to private citizens.  The government should butt out and Cantor should know that.

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The Truth Sucks said...

Morning, individualization would create uncertainty. The vast majority of employers have the advantage in setting the terms of the agreement, so only a few employees will have the ability to have a true discussion regarding the terms; conflicting definitions and terms between and inside corporations, each department may have different rules for overtime in addition to the negotiated terms, so HRs would have a greater burden, and when an employee moves from one dept to another conflict could also arise, and when an employee leaves one company for another the unique terms and definitions may conflict with the new culture and norms of this new relationship; lastly employees and employers would have to negotiate these terms during entry, evaluation, and exiting, which would cause a drag on employee productivity. Wouldn't this create a greater drag on our economy, because of the uncertainty?