Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All Tax Increases, No Spending Cuts

This is "balanced?"  The so-called compromise to prevent going over the fiscal cliff is all about increasing taxes. There are absolutely no spending cuts in this plan.  This is a pure Democratic plan. McConnell should be ashamed of himself.  Boehner should not permit a vote on this.

Obama let his views be known.  He said yesterday that this is just the beginning of the tax increases. 

Where are the Republicans?


thetruthonly said...

Of course you got that right. The dysfunctional system that benefits the power elete staggers forward in a cesspool of corruption. It cares not for consequences.

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liberty&justice said...

It's better (not great) to go off the cliff and bite the bullet. The deficit would be cut by 40% and it may set the stage for fundamental tax reform. I don't buy the notion that the Pentagon budget can’t be cut by 10%. All department budgets should be cut by 10%

I agree, any Republican voting for this surrender should face a primary!

Steve Lewis

Russell Collins said...

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