Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Failing Grade for Obamanomics

ADP reports this morning that private payrolls fell by 23,000 jobs in March of this year. This shows that the recovery is stillborn. Frightened by the Obama Adminstration, the private sector is stagnant. The only job growth in the economy is in the federal (not state) government sector. Obama is busy hiring his friends and paying them well, while he takes a sledgehammer to the private business sector and to the average American's economic prospects. As in the bailout programs that Obama has initiated, he picks the winners and the losers. The American people are the losers.

Obamanomics receives a well deserved F.

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A. Barrow said...

The spin will be that the lost jobs were less than the Gov't expected. I'm afraid that all these lost jobs will never fully come back because we produce less and less each year. Other pressures on job gains will be increased health care costs and taxes on business.